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PREMIER Monitoring

An IT Infrastructure platform that enables us to monitor and maintain the health of your network and IT assets. Detailed diagnostics and scans of your desktops, servers, printers, and networking devices are performed around the clock and results are available to our technical support team daily. Our technicians analyze these results and determine the health of your systems and whether or not any potential problems exist that may need attention. This type of preventative care and maintenance is designed to reduce company expenses and maximize company profits by minimizing costly downtime caused by IT failures in the workplace.


PREMIER Security

Security is one of the most vital and concerning topics in business today. With a dramatic increase in recent years of IT security breaches and Ransomeware Virus threats where sensative data is vulnerable, It has become even more critical that business owners take the necessary steps to protect themselves by setting security measures in place that protect and prevent intrusion and loss of your companys greatest assets, it's data. PREMIER Security service provides an array of features including: Router & Firewall Management, Wireless Security, Proactive Virus & Malware Protection, and ongoing education for employees on steps they must take in order to avoid malicious threats and attacks throughout your network.


PREMIER Disaster Recovery

Critical Failure Recovery starts with a having a solid backup plan in place to prevent data loss, followed by a fast recovery plan designed to minimize downtime and maintain maximum productivity in the workplace. Premier Disaster Recovery service provides and array of powerful protection features including: Mirror Imaging of workstations & servers, Network Attached Data Storage Options with Raid Technology to protect your companys vital data, and Offsite Cloud Safety-Net solutions for added protection against catostrophic data loss from fire or flooding.

Business Service Plans

no long term contracts. Easy sign up agreement. Thirty (30) day prior written notice, cancel anytime.

Home Service Plans

no long term contracts. Easy sign up agreement. Thirty (30) day prior written notice, cancel anytime.

Recommended Essentials

no long term contracts. Easy sign up agreement. Thirty (30) day prior written notice, cancel anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a long term contract for Premier Service Plans?

No. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) simply outlines the services being provided to you so you know exactly what you are paying for. Either party can cancel the SLA at any time for any reason with 30 days prior to billing written notice. 

What are your payment terms?

Premier Subscription Plans for Business and Home are billed on the 1st or the 15th of each month and on recurring billing by credit card only. Business Retainer plans are paid for in full at sign up by credit card only. No other forms of payment are accepted at this time. 

Do I get a discount for multiple computers?

Absolutely! On our Business Plan, the more devices you enroll, the less you pay for each device overall. On our Home Plan, after the first device  a discount is applied for each additional device you enroll thereafter. Contact us for more details. 

What is the major difference between Premier Business plan and Premier Home Plan?

Premier Home Plan is a monthly preventative maintenance service. Premier Business Plans monitor and manage your systems 24/7/365.

Can I purchase a plan for home that gives me 24/7/365 coverage?

Absolutely! Contact us and a representative will customize a plan to fit your needs. 

Who is Premier IT Management?

Our company is a New sister company of Lake Mary Computers which has been serving the Central Florida region for over 20 years with IT services. We forged Premier IT Management to fill a need for small and medium size businesses who require a higher level of support that is dedicated to minimizing downtime, maximizing productivity, and reducing IT expenses.

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